A stinging rebuttal

From Pastor Michael, in response to my blog posts (I think).

Hi, To All

I would like to address this letter To Jacques,

and have some of you to be as witness so that Jacques may not Twist my words again as it is a custom to you atheists.

Jacques, you wrote in your blocks about the reasons of your pulling out. in all you have said, i recognized that the organization had some problems and i told you which i find so small problem as long as our speakers were comfortable with that which proves to me i was right because we finally made it to the end as i told you we will be able to have the debate because i trusted my abilities to do so.

Jacques, your thinking worries me; the facts you presented in your block were tricky and Dishonest.

example1: Tauriq has not responded the same day when i asked him for a debate but you said he replied the same day
example2: My letter i sent to you that you published which is a private communication that i responded not even to you but to your fellow Atheists; you took as if i wrote to you while it was the answer to your friend Gareth who threatened this debate from the Beginning.
and many more examples that i can show your publication, that you presented wrong facts. and this is Dishonesty. just as you call every truth spoken to you ” Treat”. you are a lecturer Dear, you should know the meaning of that word Treat better i believe.

i notice that you are afraid of people to tell you the Truth, but rather you prefer twists people’s words and pervert it and call it your so called “Ideas”.

i suppose to finish with Tauriq beccause i started with Him and not with you Jacques, you can see how you perverted all things. and i can read it and see how you have boycotted this event. WHO WILL TRUST YOU AGAIN????

Jacques, be serious with your Atheism; you failed yesterday and you are All looser Twice and NO One can Trust U again. you mentioned about your Time to prepare. what about our speakers time to prepare.They also had the same amount to prepare as you do. information came to you through Tauriq many days before which i repeated to all my last letters; we all had same amount of time to prepare the Topic and the sub-Topic. and what about more than 2000R that i have used to prepare the event that you Boycotted at the last minutes because of your so called ” Ideas”.

i notice that Debate was not of your Level, the second Topic, you could not develop it at All; that is why you preferred to run away. and you are unable and failed to present your ideas before True Christians who are [in this Campus].

so, now i want to conclude in this way;

i believe you will no longer teach the Innocent poor ignorant people who come to your lectures that you transform to Atheism teachings to capture innocent ignorant into your attention. but you have encountered True Christianity now; and i can debate with you anytime to prove to you that your ideas are Not ” Trust Worthy”

Your pulling out was not professional at All either, not even a lecturer who is keen to discuss his ideas that he claim to know better can do that.
” Great Mind discuss Ideas”, Average Mind discuss Events”, but ” Small Mind Discuss people”. so when you attack Dr. Peter Hammond one of our speaker, place yourself where i can see you.
but we Christians can discuss your ideas, any time, any where, and at any good circumstance.

so, now i see that Christians have won it. you don’t have to blaspheme again, you don’t have say to again there in no God; you not only failed Me, but even your own fellow Atheists and agnostics followers who came yesterda and did not have your short notice because according to me, Only a Fool who can say in His Heart that there is No GOD. don’t be offended because this is what i believe. and yet you did not prove to me anything contrary to this.

My last word is that, i love you, and i am praying that you may not miss the next visitation of God when Jesus comes again and seeks to save your lives for you to benefit also the Love of God.

Jesus Loves you All.


On his example 2, where he raises the impropriety of publishing private correspondence, I certainly concede that this is non-ideal. In this case, I consider it justified due to the misinformation that has been spread – and continues to be spread – regarding the UCT AAS and myself and how we engaged with this debate. As far as it’s possible, I believe that the facts should be available in order that people can reach justified conclusions on the matter. Readers are welcome to check the email archive to determine if I’ve presented any of the facts dishonestly.

By Jacques Rousseau

Jacques Rousseau teaches critical thinking and ethics at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and is the founder and director of the Free Society Institute, a non-profit organisation promoting secular humanism and scientific reasoning.