“Open motivational letter” from Michael (Pastor)

Well, he says it’s an open letter. As sent to Varsity (on April 18th, although I only received it an hour ago). His covering letter reads:

Hi, My Dear Sister Zerene
Here are some more infos about the debates:
-the date is wednesday the 29th April at the Jameson Hall from 6:30 to 8pm
-on their sides, their speakers are: Dr. Tauriq Moosa and Jacques Rousseau.
-on the Christian’s side there is Bishop Clinton L. Battieste and possibly Errol Naidoo
and the chairperson of the events is given to the SRC Though Amanda who is the first Chair and the second chair is to be chosen soon because He or She must be an Independant person which the SRC still has to find.
Please, can i ask you two things to do for me?
1. to announce the International Christian Conference that will follow the next day after the debate with our Guest speaker Bishop Dr. Clinton Battieste
2. secondly, i am attaching a letter that is very important to publish because the need might be there to know why have gone this way of deciding to debate with those who undermines us and pushes us away because we chose Jesus as our and our life and Truth.
be blessed and hope to hear from you again any time.

Open Motivational Letter seeking for support
To Our Debate against the Agnostics and Atheists Group at UCT

We are inviting you to show us some support for the up-coming event, an open and friendly debate between Christians and atheists.

I myself, Pastor Michael from the Campus For Christ with the grace of God, have approached with Love the Atheists group for this event; and the Idea was appreciated after we have spoken and met with Franz Olivier from His People society.

We have the following reasons that led us to this point, this is not Vengeance because Vengeance is the LORD’s and God is able to defend Himself; But we know that also God does not do anything on Earth except He reveals it to His servant, so God always associate man who is precious to Him and Consider man as covenant-Partner mandated to cultivate the Earth He created and He sends and uses human beings as messengers to speak on His Behalf.

So we are trying to eradicate the situation of animosity, unkind and Hostile towards religion and especially towards Christianity that was deliberately created by the Atheists group.

So, we are aiming a very Peaceful and friendly open debate to allow more cohesion among students and all who use UCT facilities for work and other purposes to have great interaction among the people like never before;

Now these are the following reasons:

1/ The Sax-Appeal Cartoon against Christianity writer has never apologised publicly except some one else, the Vice Chancellor did it at his place;
2/ This situation has been heard all over the world, some people who heard this matter from America, Canada…were a little bit unhappy the way the situation were handled
3/ This situation has been there and is still even becoming worse by looking at the universities news papers, every time one of the atheists member keep re-enforcing in one way or another what the Cartoon Blasphemer have said and wrote.
4/ looking at the unfair situation these Atheists have created that has gone beyond social boundaries;

Now the questions asked are as follow:

1. Has Christians freedom of speech must be limited by the Atheists rights and Ideas? When it comes to rights, isn’t it that All South Africans have same constitutional right?
2. Isn’t it Blasphemy that kind of Freedom of speech limited by an obligation not to blaspheme Another’s person’s God?
3. Is it blaspheming another person’s God freedom of Speech?
4. Why do they blaspheme with insults every Religious every matter and action and even to blaspheme with insults the things they do not understand?
5. Is blasphemy Freedom of Speech?
6. The impression we have the way they Talk Religion like specialists in Religion more then those who even specialized in the field and they want to convince every one to join them with such an empty argument to believe them who call themselves unbelievers or Non-Believers.
7. Should blasphemous materials be allowed in media under the name of “freedom of speech”
8. What makes them insults Christians in the Sax-appeal in every beginning of the new academic year? What is the purpose of doing so? Why they always come against Religion?
9. How can a Non-believer produce a Believer? “because they say they are Non-Believers. Now how many believers do they have today among them?
Mr. And Miss and Mrs Atheist must know that “”A blind can never lead another Blind person to the right paths””

So we are convinced that Atheism can never be a movement that can lead the people to the knowledge of Truth and bring a real and total Transformation of Man for a better society,
Instead we find out that they are looking for a way to remove or push away religion which exists since the world begun and they do not understand that Religion can never be separated to a Human Life unless the next thing will follow will be Either moral, spiritual or ethical death.

Christianity has its problems but Not to Atheists to bring a solutions to it. Christians themselves solve their internal problems as a Movement of God as the time goes by. Today’s Christianity is far more different compared to the Historical Christianity. There is much Improvement and more maturity in God’s Movement as we are waiting and getting ready for the second coming of Jesus our Lord. If God wants to save this UCT and this City, He will not need any one’s permission or wait for the Atheists to Blaspheme Him, NO, God is able to save souls any time and any where according to His own will and know that Salvation is made available for All people even to them who do need it. God is the Creator and is Sovereign.

Religion has always been there at all Times, from the beginning, even at time God visited the Earth in the person of Jesus; those who opposed Jesus were religious and Not Atheists while Jesus was leading a movement with the principle of God’s Kingdom and today salvation is given in the name of Jesus to whoever believes in His name.

So, what do Atheists believe? What is their role in the society? Are they creating the way to bring the Outright-sin in the midst of society that lives already religiously? What are their basic fundamental ideas? Let them tell us in the up-coming debate.

So we are persuaded it is a right time that they may define their own Identity and tell us clearly their agenda with a clear understanding and their vision about who they are truly because we suspect them of bringing Harmful ideas among the people who live already culturally in peace and then they should learn to find their limits and boundaries just like all Human beings who have an obligation to interact with other fellow Human beings regardless race, colour, Religion and Beliefs.

Further comment is no doubt redundant.

By Jacques Rousseau

Jacques Rousseau teaches critical thinking and ethics at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and is the founder and director of the Free Society Institute, a non-profit organisation promoting secular humanism and scientific reasoning.