Frontline Fellowship: Lying for Jesus

So, the Frontline Fellowship (of which Peter Hammond is Director) has posted a description of the debate that was meant to happen recently. Here’s how it starts:

Atheist Abandons Argument
Just two hours before the scheduled debate the Atheist Association lecturer, Jacques Rousseau, cancelled his involvement and withdrew from the debate. The organiser was then compelled to change the venue from Jameson Hall to a different venue nearby.

Apparently, the event ended like so:

Over 100 students responded to the challenge to commit themselves to full-time Christian ministry. Many of those expressed their conviction that they were called to be missionaries to university campuses. The atmosphere at Campus Harvest was electric.

These 100 students will no doubt undergo rigorous training in hyperbole, hysteria and deception, judging from the article. All I can do is to – again – point out that if these students are at all interested in an education, and the facts, they can avail themselves of the evidence in the form of the correspondence leading up to the debate here.

By Jacques Rousseau

Jacques Rousseau teaches critical thinking and ethics at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and is the founder and director of the Free Society Institute, a non-profit organisation promoting secular humanism and scientific reasoning.

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Oh my. That website is precious. So many headlines, so little substance. It’s like the Sunday Times, but with a bit of substance. And quite a lot of random CapitalIzAtion.

But, as someone who I consider to be a friend, I can’t believe you let them down in this manner, Jacques. Thank goodness they were able to pull the irons out of the fire and get another 100 full-time followers to their cause.

I do take exception with the line about the greatest man though:

Jesus Christ is the greatest Man Who ever lived, in all of history. He changed the world forever.

See, I’m working on that. Believe.

Against my better judgement, I’ve been browsing the site a little. There’s a comedy gem there called “Prepared for University” which, without the slightest hint of irony, tells us:

Statistically, 75% of young people with a Christian background who enroll at university stop going to church. For any army to lose three quarters of its forces is catastrophic

Hmm, that education is a dangerous thing, child… best you stay home with Pa.

Good luck on the greatest man thing – having a functioning brain and a moral code based on more than just dogma gives you quite the edge, compared to most of these nutters. I can’t speak for Jesus. Or Santa.

Also nice to see that they perceived the two atheists who were at the debate as large enough to ‘pack’ the hall (with devilish folly, tralalala lala la la).

Just to report that another religious organisation, the AGF in Brakpan, has now removed the same article from their website, after receiving comment regarding its dishonesty from both myself and Jordan Pickering, a Christian who is as outraged as I regarding Hammond and co’s attitude towards this debate. I’m pleased to see that metaphysical disagreement does not always have to mean that people can’t follow some basic ethical standards, such as honesty.

This just in from a fellow heathen –

in Hammond’s awesome-stuff-we-did-last-year newsletter:

Dr. Peter Hammond, was invited by Campus Crusade for Christ to debate an Atheist lecturer at the University of Cape Town on the subject of: Is Blasphemy Free Speech? Just two hours before the scheduled debate the Atheist Association lecturer, Jacques Rousseau, cancelled his involvement and withdrew from the debate. The organiser was then compelled to change the venue from Jameson Hall to a different venue nearby. Nevertheless, the hall was soon packed out with both Christians and Atheists and Peter went ahead and presented the Christian position.

Even after the hour and a half open discussion was formally closed, most people did not leave but continued to discuss in small groups. Many productive times of discussion and witnessing ensued. Many agreed that there was a need for more such debates on evidences for the Resurrection, Creation vs. Evolution, the comparative contributions of Atheism and Christianity to civilisation, etc. Boxes of literature were distributed and we have received invitations to further ministry on campus.

Wow – you guys make me proud – dissing good white people with good causes (even though you might hate Jesus and His cause) while the ungodly ruin this country, rape, murder, tortue etc. Well done guys! Your Master (Satan) must be proud! Guess who will “save” you when the time comes – and guess who will put a machete in your head – you stupid liberals – get your head out of your backsides and wake up and smell the coffee!! Idiots!

McKenzie: I’m afraid that your passions are interfering with the functioning of your brain in this case. If you bother to read the whole story, you’ll notice that I’m calling them out on being dishonest – hardly an example of being “good” – and that they have themselves acknowledged and apologised for this dishonesty.

As for crime etc., I’m no fan of that either. And neither do I see much “saving” going on – what’s your god waiting for? The coffee to finish brewing?

I know this is 6 years on and probably now irrelevant/will fall on deaf ears anyway, but I pray you might hear it McKenzie. I am a professing Christian of a reformed evangelical church. I love Christ live my life for him…however, I am sad to say to you that your words sound a lot like right wing propaganda, and not all people who call out the intellectual (or blatant) dishonesty of so-called missionaries for God are “liberals”. Don’t lower yourself to group thinking and ad-hominin attacks, if you truly belive in someones methods and message, then present it in an honest and respectful way. All your words here have done is heap further dishonour onto the Lord. You’re not winning over anyone to Christ with this sort of vitriolic mass regurgitated rhetoric.

Yeah, Jacques – how dare you diss good white people?
Share the love – diss some good black people as well.

P.S. How are “they” supposed to put a machete in my head when it’s firmly protected up my backside?
Have you ever tried poking an ostrich in the eye? Virtually impossible.

Well, if they did get to your head while it was nestled lovingly between your buttocks, you would be comprehensively macheteed, in keeping with the spirit of the message from that rather disturbed scotsman. [Although no true scotsman would ever speak like that].

For shame, McKenzie! You besmirch the name of the McGregors. I will plead with my elders of the clan of Murray to have you homeland invaded. Machetes notwithstanding.

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