Touch me on my studio

All very late in the day, as I’m sure you’re already all bored with touching yourselves in your studios. I don’t have a studio, so can’t really say whether your boredom is premature or not. However, if you are bored of it, and want to encourage others to touch you in your studios, you have two clear options. First, you could contact this guy:
Your studio...  on Twitpic

Or alternately, you could procure yourself one of these:

If you opt for the former, make sure to get hold of the Rat before Dawkins does. But if you choose the latter route, simply contact Larry (a Juve fan, but don’t hold that against him) by email using this address. R80, in red, black or white, and available in various sizes – just like your studios are.

By Jacques Rousseau

Jacques Rousseau teaches critical thinking and ethics at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and is the founder and director of the Free Society Institute, a non-profit organisation promoting secular humanism and scientific reasoning.