Local elections

If you’re a South African who is eligible to vote (and have an ID book, unlike one Resistentialist I know), then you may be interested in this analysis of how much your vote could matter. The Cape Town race is one that’s too close to call, as is often the case. And while the elections are tomorrow, therefore making any comment on the primary mayoral candidates mostly redundant, I’d want to say:

  1. I have many more issues with the ANC’s candidate, who appears to be a moron, than with her party.

  2. I have many more issues with the DA as a party, who appear to have steadily forsaken their Liberalism, than with their candidate.

  3. Grindrod (the ID’s candidate) has the misfortune of a possessing a physiognomy that makes him appear utterly untrustworthy (and also makes you wonder whether he’s quite done with causing playground squabbles).

Assuming that the personality, rather than the party, is likely to have the most impact on a mayoral level, I suppose it will come as no suprise that I’ll be voting DA.

By Jacques Rousseau

Jacques Rousseau teaches critical thinking and ethics at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and is the founder and director of the Free Society Institute, a non-profit organisation promoting secular humanism and scientific reasoning.