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OGOD finally has its day in court

OGOD’s case regarding ensuring that public schools adhere to the National Policy on Religion and Education finally reached the courts this week.

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Basic Education in Demonology

The Department of Basic Education round-table discussion on a draft charter regarding harmful religious practices might as well have been held in a church, for it was wall-to-wall preaching.

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Charlie Charlie, wherefore art thou?

Kids are freaking out after summoning the Mexican demon called Charlie, which as you know is quite a common name in Mexico. Or, kids are freaking out because parents are freaking out, and because everyone is tolerating metaphysical nonsense.

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Man is free to reign as god!

Errol Naidoo is upset at OGODs attempt to keep schools secular, and Ivo Vegter wants the Government to butt out of the medical regulatory business.

Academia and teaching Daily Maverick Religion Secularism

Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone!

South Africa has an education policy which goes a long way towards separating church and state, while also allowing for expression of diverse religious and non-religious viewpoints. A pity, then, that the policy is routinely ignored in favour of Christian proselytising.

Academia and teaching Daily Maverick Religion

Religious education in South African schools

We can have little control over what children are taught in their homes, but ideology taught as objectivity has no place in public education. After all, schooling is meant to make one smarter, rather than to transmit the crippling notion that there is only one route to human flourishing.