Guns, booze, rednecks and traffic cops don’t mix (well)

I’d be very uncomfortable saying that anyone deserves to die, or be killed, mostly because I don’t know what the word “deserve” might mean in that claim. Regardless of this, though, it’s nonetheless sometimes the case that people do things that are more likely to cause harm to befall them. This is why Formula One drivers would pay higher insurance premiums than professional cricketers. It’s also sometimes the case that people might have the sort of character that leads them into situations of increased potential harm. Risk-takers would be an example, as would people who make a habit of causing offense.

Eugene Terre’Blance was one who caused offense, due to his racially divisive views. He was more likely to be killed than most of us are, other things being equal. Given his racist views, one can imagine that he might well say more inflammatory things, and provoke greater hostilities, if he was involved in an altercation with a black person. Yet we can still sympathise with the grief experienced by those who happened to look upon him fondly, for whatever reason, once he had been killed. Continue reading “Guns, booze, rednecks and traffic cops don’t mix (well)”